About Us

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What we really do?

At Shop 2 Max we deal in Wholesale of portable electronics, musical instruments, game consoles, beauty products, toys and other products and an ever increasing demand for the highest quality. shop2max.com offers a wide range of name branded products.

Our Vision

With our attention to detail, we serve our clients before, during and after a sale.Our incredible selection of consumer electronics and other products from every major brand will enable you to choose the right mix of product for any situation.

Our customer service team can help you with any question you might have during your selection process: When you are purchasing from us in Wholesale, shop2max.com can help with a wide variety of products. We have warehouses in both the North America, Europe and Asia to ensure prompt delivery of your order. We have always offered competitive pricing on retail and volume orders.

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E-mail: sales@shop2max.com

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